USA Business Bank Account Opening

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Bank Option #5
US Business Bank – All Industries

This option allows importers and exporters, commodities and crypto businesses.

Please keep in mind: Our team will do an intensive KYC check. But the final decision to open your bank account is up to the bank only. We take no liability with regards to the banks decisions to open or close accounts or otherwise manage your account etc.

Minimum Opening Deposit$500.00
Minimum Monthly Balance$0.00
Monthly Fees$0.00
Annual Fees$0.00
CurrenciesMultiple Currencies
Foreign ExchangePossible on Outbound Swifts
Physical Mastercard Debit Cards (International)Yes
Virtual Mastercard Debit Cards (International)Possible
Debit Cards for EmployeesPossible
International Wires in and OutYes
Check DepositsNo
Account Closing Fee$0.00
Checking AccountYes
Savings AccountYes
Sending & Receiving ACH$0.00
Sending & Receiving Check$0.00
Sending Domestic Wire Transfers$0.00
Receiving Domestic Wire Transfers$0.00
Sending International Wire Transfers (SWIFT)$0.00
Receiving International Wire Transfers (SWIFT)$0.00
Interest on Savings0.00%
Bank LoansNo
Online BankingFull Service
2 Factor AuthenticationYes
Staff Special AccessPossible
Bank GuaranteesNo
Trade FinanceNo
Letters of CreditNo
Cash Deposits and Withdrawals at Branch?No
Note: Banking fees, terms, and conditions are subject to change without notice.

Industries not accepted:

  • Adult websites, adult entertainment
  • Financial service providers (including banks, financial advisors, forex etc)
  • Gambling and betting business
  • Marijuana industries
  • Pharmaceuticals 
  • Other industries (see full list here)