Why form a US Company?

Easier to Sell in the North American Market

North American consumers prefer to do business with North American companies.

Bid on Contracts with the US Government

Potentially qualify as a local company when bidding on certain contracts – this is particularly important for those companies seeking to bid on US Government contracts.

Seek US Government Grants

Potentially access US Government Grants to fund particular projects. (Note: Grants given to companies owned by ethnic minorities require the majority shareholder to be a US Resident).

Gain an International Reputation

The USA is one of the most business-focused countries in the world. Company registration in the USA helps you gain an international reputation and more people would potentially like to do business with you.

Get Paid in USD!

Bill in your customers native currencies and get paid in one of the most stable currencies in the world.

Free Movement of Money

No Tax Deducted at Source (TDS), no RBI approvals to send money internationally. Simply initiate a wire transfer online and you’re done.

Access Venture Capital

Access a larger pool of venture capitalists and potentially to qualify as a local company when seeking US venture capital. In fact, we have 11,000+ VC and Angel investor contacts we will share with you once you form a company with us.

Leverage Intra-Company Transfer Visas & Investor Visas

Potential qualification under various US Visa programs – allowing longer-term stays in the US than may otherwise be possible.

Tax Free (for Certain Types of Companies)

Sole-Member, Foreign-Owned, USA LLCs may be tax-free for international and US sales if they meet certain requirements* (see our FAQ for IRS rules).

Free and Stable Economy

The USA benefits from a stable economy and government, and is at the top of the list of the world’s freest economies.

Free Trade Agreements

The U.S. has trade agreements with 20 countries which provides a marketing advantage to U.S. based manufacturing companies. This increases your market by 425 million people. Add this to the approximately 320 millions of Americans and you can see the potential for your business being successful.