Frequently Asked Questions

Business Bank Account Opening

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Documents Required

Corporate Documents Required by the Bank:

  • Company formation documents (i.e. Certificate of Incorporation)
  • Company documents (Operating Agreement for an LLC or Bylaws for an INC)
  • EIN (Business tax identification number)
  • Company ownership information (written in the Operating Agreement for an LLC or the Share Register for an INC)
  • Controlling individuals information (personal information of each controlling individual)
  • Proof of a USA address for the business (+ the address has to be able to accept mail on your behalf in order to receive the debit card. Some banks on our list will require a real office address – virtual offices won’t be accepted in those instances.)
  • Local USA phone number of the business

Personal Documents Required by the Bank for (Remote) Bank Account Opening:

  • Two forms of government-issued IDs (your passport and driver’s license for example)
  • Proof of Address in your home country
  • Bank Statement of shareholders
  • Photo (passport style – white background – high resolution)
  • Selfie holding your passport (high resolution – showing your passport inside page and also your face clearly)

Occasional Requirements: 

Depending on the bank account requested, you may also be asked for:

  • Your personal profile (LinkedIn), history and/or resume
  • Recorded video saying something like “I would like to open a bank account with XXX” bank
  • A video-call interview
  • Proof of funds (where did the money you wish to deposit come from)
  • Certificate of Good Standing

We have partnered with several banks so we can provide multiple solutions depending on your specific needs, without you having to travel to the USA or obtain an SSN or ITIN.