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Working in the USA

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Can I work in the USA if I own a LLC or a C-Corp?

Being a director, as well as a shareholder, of a US corporation is allowed without a visa, but being an officer and performing your duties when travelling to the USA is generally not allowed.

By working in the USA on behalf of your USA entity you’re technically acting as a director / officer / employee of the company. Working without a valid work visa is not generally allowed.

Foreign owners could work as a corporate officer for a US Company without a visa, but in this case, they must be outside of the United States. Otherwise, they cannot receive a salary or compensation for services provided in the United States unless the foreign citizen has a work permit issued by the United States.

For a foreign citizen who simply wants to do business in the US, a B-1 visa is usually the right option to apply for, as it is meant for foreigners who wish to consult with business associates, attend professional or business conventions, or negotiate a contract. The B-1 visa is more for foreign persons looking to invest in the US rather than work in the US. Besides the B-1, you could also apply for an immigrant Visa like the E3 that will allow skilled workers or professionals to immigrate to and work in the US.

Another option may be an L1 Intra-Company Transfer Visa. The L1 visa allows companies to open a US operation for the transfer of its executives, managers and specialized employees. It is valid for those who are either coming into the US for the purposes of setting up a US office or who are transferring to a US office for a longer period of time.