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What is a Certificate of Incorporation?

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The Certificate of Incorporation is the document you receive back from the Delaware Division of Corporations once your Corporation (INC) is formed. 

The Certificate of Formation contains the following information:

  • Date Filed
  • SR Number
  • File Number (your company number)
  • Name of the Delaware LLC
  • The Address of the Registered Office
  • The Name and Address of the Registered Agent
  • Authorized Capital

The capital, ownership, management and operation of the Corporation is set forth in the Articles of Incorporation of the Company. The Articles of Incorporation is not required to be filed with the State and therefor can be changed at any time without paying a fee to file an amendment. 

It is important to note that all Delaware Corporations are required to file an annual report each year on or before March 1, naming all of the Directors and at least one of the officers. Unlike with an LLC, these names become part of the public record.

The Certificate of Incorporation is provided in electronic format only.

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