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Why Delaware?

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Why Delaware?

More than 1,000,000 companies, both U.S.-based and offshore companies, have made the choice to incorporate in Delaware. 

A business registered in Delaware can do business anywhere in the USA – or the world. It may also have a virtual office address or mailing address in another state.

Over 70% of the Fortune 500 firms and more than 50% of the companies traded on the New York Stock Exchange and NASDAQ are chartered as Delaware corporations. In the last seven years over 80% of new Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) have made Delaware their corporate home.

  • You don’t have to be a US resident or citizen to form a US corporation or LLC 
  • Delaware has no sales tax
  • Delaware has no personal property tax
  • Delaware has no corporate income tax on sales made outside of Delaware
  • A US Delaware corporation or LLC can be headquartered anywhere in the world
  • A US Delaware corporation can have customers anywhere in the US or in the world
  • Your company records do not have to be kept in Delaware, or even in the US
  • Shareholders can act in writing instead of holding meetings
  • Your Delaware company can hold real estate, tangible assets, or intellectual property
  • Different kinds of business can be transacted under one corporate roof
  • Disputes are resolved in Delaware’s Court of Chancery. Delaware has a separate court for the resolution of business disputes where here are no jury trials and the judges are highly experienced in business cases – handling business disputes in weeks, not years
  • The United States Chamber of Commerce has ranked Delaware’s business liability protection #1 in nearly every ranking since periodic rankings began in 2002
  • Low annual tax fixed at $300.00 USD for LLLCs – payable 1st June every year

Delaware is not just a desirable home for corporations, but also the superior home for LLCs. For example, both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have dozens of Delaware LLCs.