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Mailing Addresses

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Do I need a virtual office?

A US business address will help you to present a professional image to clients worldwide and help your business to be perceived as being bigger than it actually is – which helps open doors to dealing with larger companies.

Some reasons that you might want a US virtual office address:

  • To advertise on your website and/or business cards.
  • To receive mail and/or parcels for your US Company.
  • If you are intending to sell from your US company to online then most ecommerce sites (Amazon and eBay) either encourage or require the you to provide a local US address for return and exchange purposes.
  • Some of the banks that we deal with may require you to have a permanently listed address other than that of your Registered Agent.

Remember: A Registered Agent will not receive normal mail for you.  Their address may be used for your office address on your business cards but if any mail is sent there they are likely to discard it.